17 September 2023, 11:09
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i’ve extended the table of contents for the upcoming ‘lulu’ edition. it seems to do more justice to the richness of the content. makes the whole universe of the psychological astrology covered in the book easier visible at a glance.

otherwise, i’m suprised myself how solid the book is (looking back on it after so many years), so i only have to tweak tiny pieces here and there, mainly editing the ‘capitalization’ method (that pinpoints linguistically the energetic workings of Traits and Connections while seamlessly integrating them into the text) to be clearer and easier to read.

have decided to also publish a larger hardcover version. i felt this would do the weight and scope of the book more justice.

coming soon …


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Vienna & London, Autumn 2017




The above Symbol (which I decided works perfectly to describe what Systemic Astrology is supposed to be) I’ve come across through the Hermetic Tarot. I’ve altered it slightly, basically streamlined it a bit. On first glance, it seems to convey beautifully the cultivation of Buddha Fa (East) within the attainment of the Philosopher’s Stone (West). But obviously, there’s lots more to it …