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Vienna & London, Autumn 2017




The above Symbol (which I decided works perfectly to describe what Systemic Astrology is supposed to be) I’ve come across through the Hermetic Tarot. I’ve altered it slightly, basically streamlined it a bit. On first glance, it seems to convey beautifully the cultivation of Buddha Fa (East) within the attainment of the Philosopher’s Stone (West). But obviously, there’s lots more to it …

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update – really funny the episode a few months ago, during the sh*tler worshipping illuminati rapper’s and elon musk’s twitter / x censorship discussion, where the rapper was finally suspended right after posting a wobbly plagiat by the rael sect of this very ancient (certainly pre-deluvian) symbol (with the biggest irony being that the human cloning alien embassy building, very well connected sect had given musk an honorary membership a couple of years prior). basically for the non-retards this was already a hint on much deeper underlayers of present reality unfoldments. while obviously the retards still believe the rapper is going to save them as a future president and musk is going to save them as a free speech zampano :)

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